Kolony Feral Infantry

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5 x metal Kolony Feral figures. Separate metal head sprue containing 5 x heads. Bases not included...

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5 x metal Kolony Feral figures. Separate metal head sprue containing 5 x heads. Bases not included.

by Ben Haston

I love these miniatures. They have a Tusken Raiders feel to them. Quality of model is good with minor mould lines. I'm planning on using them in Necromunda.

by Steve Lille

I ordered these figures to use with the This is Not a Test game as it is set in a post-apocalyptic environment. They are really good figures, the casting is nice and clean with very little clean up required and they come with separate heads. The heads do require a little bit of work to make them fit but nothing that needs any real modelling skill. They are a very characterful group of figures with no useless poses and they are perfect for most near future or post-apocalyptic games. I bought this pack, the HQ and specialists and that gives me enough weapons and characters to cover most requirements. They paint up beautifully and the detail is very easy to pick out. So far they have been used as; mutants, raiders, caravan guards and zombie hunters. I will definitely be adding more Pig Iron figures to my collection of wasteland armies.

by Rob Skene

This was one of three Kolony Feral packs I picked up for a project that needed a dozen or so models, with a mix of ranged, melee and specialist fighters, and these guys fit the bill perfectly. The models were technically well made - all of them were single piece except the head. I had a very particular idea in my head about aesthetics though, and the guns that came cast into the models were too sci-fi for my needs. It took a lot of hacking and slicing to remove them, which I honestly wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but that's not a slight on the models, just my own pickiness. The few mold lines that existed were on protruding sections of the model, so they were very easy to clean up. They were a pleasure to paint too - I painted the whole dozen in a just a few hours with some washes and drybrushing. I could have taken much longer and picked out all the fine details, but the lovely robe sculpts here did all the hard work for me! My only gripe is that these models came on a pre-ca

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