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Welcome to our gallery section. Click on some of the links below to see work from our studio plus miniatures created and painted by our customers. We will be expanding the gallery constantly so keep popping back for updates.

Richard Lloyds Rebels and Ferals. view
Rebels with special weapons. view
System Special Weapon troopers. view

System Trooper test paint from our initial casting run. view
Heavy Infantry PI.8 from our own collection. view
David Woods excellent Heavy Infantry conversions. view
Kolony Ferals with special weapons from the studio collection. view
Mickey Gentiles effective combination of Feral and winter headgear. view
Heavy infantry converted as Tau human allies by Martin Howarth. view
Kolony Rebels on some of our studio terrain. view
Kolony Ferals from our studio collection. view
Kolony Militia from our studio collection. view
Great vehicle conversions by Chuck Reinitz. view
David Coxon's Helghast conversions with glowing red lenses.. view