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MODEL SIZE: Models produced by Pig Iron Productions are 28mm - 30mm size for a standard infantry figure. They have been designed to be compatible with most popular range of sci-fi figures and the wide variety of crouching, standing and kneeling poses offsets any noticeable size issues.
Our Wardroids stand approximately 40mm high.

HEAD SPRUES: Our head sprues will work with most styles of gaming miniatures (with separate heads). Care must be taken when snipping heads off the sprues so as not to damage the head or neck joint. Our preferred method of attaching heads to bodies is a small ball of Green Stuff (Kneadatite) in the neck socket, pressing the head in and then using a sculpting tool (or scalpel) to fill any gaps.

VEHICLE SIZE: Our vehicles are pretty big! The chassis of the Ironside (without turret) measures 160mm long x 80mm wide x 50mm tall. The vehicles feature a resin chassis and turret with metal components.

If you have any other questions please send us an email at: