Kolony Militia heads

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20 (2 x sprues) x mixed metal heads...

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20 (2 x sprues) x mixed metal heads.

by David Wiggins

Awesome detail and perfect for my new IG troops! Definitely getting more.

by Kristian Gaedtke

Excellent quality and scale, shipping was quick and relatively inexpensive to the USA. There was no excess metal that had to be shaved off or anything. Easy enough to cut from the sprue with a pair of "fine detail cutters" from another miniature manufacturer. The heads sit very well even on plastic miniatures and painted you can hardly tell the difference. My biggest regret was not ordering more in the initial shipment!

by Matthew Latchford

this pack of heads is ideal not only in design but also scale to convert or enhance any the myriad of 28mm 'hero-scale' wargames miniatures that exist out there. (sorry to be so generic but did not want to cross any lines regarding licencing via name-dropping! I'm sure you all know what I mean though...) the attention to detail and character captured on what essentially is a faceless mask is quite amazing and easily on par if not superior to comparable resin casts or even 3d printed products of a similar ilk from other manufacturers. In fact, as a veteran wargames modeler of over 20 years in the hobby now, I must say that the metal casting allows for not only the level of detail expected from resin but also features the smoothness of injection-molded plastics. obviously this is desired as many hobbyists will be intending to use these heads on plastic minis. this ensures they will blend seamlessly once painted. Personally I find that metal takes the paint in a much more predicabl

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