Kolony Feral HQ

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4 x metal Kolony HQ figures

Separate metal head sprue containing 4 x heads and banner

Supplied unpainted

Without bases

Not for children under 15

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Weight .070 kg

2 reviews for Kolony Feral HQ

  1. Ratwig

    Excellent figures as usual from P-I. Little to no flash and with the separate heads, you can customize them to your heart’s content. I used these as my command element to the “Backwoods Mutated Meth Heads” band of weirdos I am currently assembling.

  2. OldWest92 (verified owner)

    Great set of figures. The majority of them are 2 piece castings, with heads which come on a second sprue., The priest/standard bearer being a 3 piece casting, the standard and his hand gripping it also being attached to the head sprue.
    The set itself consists of (from left to right in the store photo): A heavy gunner, a rifleman, a priest/standard bearer type with a rifle, and lastly an NCO/squad leader type equipped with a pistol.
    All arrived crisply casted, with sharp and clean details. While they are all really nice figures, the obvious standout, in my mind, is the Priest. He wears a bizarre looking headpiece, which practically looks like he shot off a piece of an old car bumper and stuck it on his head. It is strange, it is totally alien, but it totally fits the overall aesthetic of the scrappy Kolony Ferals, and it quickly grew on me. He has a rifle slung over his shoulder, and in one hand he holds a standard featuring what appears to be some sort of scrap digital technology as it’s crest, a detail that really captured my imagination. What significance does it hold? Why do they hold this piece of scrap in such high regard? It quickly set my brain to work, and before long I had all kinds of ideas of how I might use him and his entourage in the games I run.
    To me, that is the sign of a figure with character. One that jogs the imagination as to who they are and what the stories surrounding them might be, and inspires you. This whole set brings that feeling on in spades. Highly recommended.

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