Kolony Feral Infantry 1

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5 x metal Kolony Feral figures

Separate metal head sprue containing

Supplied unpainted

Without bases

Not for children under 15

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3 reviews for Kolony Feral Infantry 1

  1. Ratwig (verified owner)

    Another great pack of troops to fill out the ranks of my mutant band of weirdos. Excellent sculpting, little to no flash and with the separate heads you can make them up all different as a mutant band should be.

  2. Jon Broster

    I like these guys.
    I teamed them up with the Kolony Feral Blades to make a nice set of Zone bandits.
    The body and legs are one piece, so they need very little putting together – just choose and attach the heads.
    Some of the heads are a little “odd”, but as you receive more than you need, that is not really a problem.

  3. Martin S

    Very simple miniatures for your mass hooded people with guns, also known as cultists or rebels or mobs of angry armed sci-fi people. The solid and simple sculpts make it easy when you want to paint all of them at once. Its reasonable price makes it a good addition when you’re creating a horde of them. The only downside is probably lack of pose, but then again you don’t need various poses for a horde of cultists or rebels or mobs of angry armed sci-fi people.

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