Kolony Rebel Infantry

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5 x metal Kolony Rebel figures

Separate metal head sprue containing 10 x heads

Supplied unpainted

Without bases

Not for children under 15

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2 reviews for Kolony Rebel Infantry

  1. Jeff Johnson (verified owner)

    I just finished painting these, and they’re fantastic- good sculpts, no flash, and I love being able to customize the heads and how they are placed.
    I live in California, and shipping from the UK was faster than a lot of shipping from the states.
    Pig Iron has excellent customer service, I’ve ordered 3 more sets- Ferals, Scavengers, and Feral HQ. They fit perfectly with my Zone skirmish game.

  2. Neil Settle (verified owner)

    Rebels these are just great minis! Purchased 3 sets and am totally pleased. Each set has 5 of the above posed minis, and 10 Heads that allow you some diverse or uniform looks depending on what you want for you troop look. Head sprue has 6 protective masks and 4 unique respirator masks including one with an eye bionic Lense. You can uniform them with the masks or 5 different heads or get other heads from these guys and go crazy! They are clean casts, little work with the hobby knife. Paint up so great! Thanks for the great minis!

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